[pct-l] i injured my back ... advice ?

Yoshihiro Murakami completewalker at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 19:47:26 CST 2011

Dear Paul

I have no special knowledge of injury, but "Keep warm" will work.
Because, the circulation of the blood is facilitated. Japanese like
hot bath. If you have a bath in your room, try hot bath in longer
time, then all the bio-chemical reactions in your body  is facilitated
and injured parts are cured in shorter term.  At least, this technique
has no bad side effect.

2011/2/16 Paul Robison <paulrobisonhome at yahoo.com>:
> so i hurt my back at work... i had a manhole lid fall back on me  (they are 175
> lbs) ... i was able to stop it but my back i in this insane twist of knots and
> stuff now.
> does anyone have any tips on how to untangle it,  or good pain relievers for
> interim usage ?  advil's doin nothing.
> the doctor i spoke to said i have to give the muscles 5 days to unwind
> naturally, and the strain should get considerably better as they muscles loosen
> naturally... but the pain is unreal.
> has anyone ever hurt their back before ?  any advice is appreciated.
> ~Paul
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