[pct-l] Three Questions/Going Stoveless

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 00:09:30 CDT 2011

I recently bumped into Blood Bath at the Dinsmores.  He was one of the first
to make it to Manning this year, and he's a great guy who hardly fits the
name.  Some of you may remember him for winning the "junk food in a bear can
contest" at Kick Off, but cutting himself on the bear can and bleeding all
over the contest.  What a scene.  He got his trail name on the spot.  I went
over his gear with him when he took a zero, as two thrus in a room with a
lot of time will do, and he said he cooked his meals almost every evening on
a very small fire.  He carried a really light alcohol stove and just a small
amount of alcohol for  inclement weather, but rarely used it.  With all the
speed and distance he traveled everyday, and he was fast, he loved the
ritual of finding dry kindling over the last few miles before camp, and then
just having a little fire and dinner.  That's a bit of civilized pre-bed
behavior I may try next year in the areas where it would be safe and legal.
 It surprised me that he had the energy to do it, but he loved it.


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