[pct-l] camera for thru-hiking

David Money Harris David_Harris at hmc.edu
Mon Oct 10 02:46:09 CDT 2011

I'm curious to hear what kinds of cameras thru-hikers have been carrying 
and how they performed.  Has anyone tried the geotagging cameras such as 
the Panasonic ZS10 and is this actually useful or is it a gimmick?  What 
are your opinions on AA battery power (e.g. Cannon SX130/a1200) vs. the 
specialized batteries?  For those using AA batteries and a GPS, is it 
better to carry a solar charger or a bag of spares? Will a standard 
camera survive the trip when treated with ordinary care, or do you find 
the waterproof/ruggedized cameras worth the trade-offs?



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