[pct-l] Highlights of the Socal PCT? Best 2 day segments?

William Adelman wadelman at socal.rr.com
Mon Oct 17 23:18:27 CDT 2011

Mixalot, Special K, my last 3 big (heh) hikes have been about 5 miles up a
hill and 5 miles down, and on the last couple I camped out in between.  I'm
averaging about 2.4 miles per hour.  No clue how far I can go when things
are relatively flat, but will probably get a handle on this on my next one.
My big limiting factor I think, is water.  I went through a liter and a half
in just 5 miles up on a nice day on the last one.  I'm beat enough to stop
for the day after climbing 2500 feet over 5 miles.  


Will need to study the available material more closely to see where all the
dependable water sources are.  Between Mexico and the Sequoias, this really
worries me.  Thanks to Dennis, Marion, and Anita too for suggesting "Day
Hikes Of The Pacific Trail" and to you and everyone else for the nice
welcome and interest.


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As Special K requested, please tell us your pace.  We have a wide range of
capabilities here, and that influences the answers we can give.  Maybe it
would be better if you ask for trips of various mileages?  Winter is another
challenge since the days are much shorter, and even for quite capable
hikers, it's challenging to knock out thru hiker mileage during daytime. 

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 5:07 PM, William Adelman <wadelman at socal.rr.com>

Hi to all.  I'm a beginner's beginner, eager to get started.  So far I've
only been on the trail for an overnight near Tehachapi (the stars burned
themselves into my brain) and saw the trail at Indian Canyon near Acton when
I was looking for a route up to Magic Mountain.  My problem is that I don't
have the luxury of longer-than-weekend trips during the time I want to hike.
Maybe a couple of weeks at most during the summer and a week during the
winter.  Has anyone ever put together a list of great 2, 2.5 day hikes on
the trail?  Particularly in the Southern California area?  It's ok, if you
don't want my kind just greet me with a bracing silence.  J

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