[pct-l] Good News & Bad News & Big Kickback Campout Event

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Mon Sep 5 22:35:01 CDT 2011

River Rat Reinhold writes:  Hi gang, The good news is  ''TROUBLE''  is back in town!!!
That, of course, is good news for the girls but bad news for the guys.  The bad news is I'm back in town for a very limited time only!!!
That, of course, is bad news for the girls but good news for the guys.  I am about to depart on a European ''barge & bike'' trip down the blue 
Danube river.  I trust  Switchback  will keep the list and the girls entertained during my absence
Switchback replies: Yes, in honor of Snow Bunny Reinhold, I will now announce the big Horseshoe Meadow (out of Lone Pine, CA) season ending Kickback Campout.  It will be October 11-12, 2011 if the the road up there is still open.  This is full moon time at 10,000 feet.  All campers will be on their own as far as gear and food.  If any Drug Cartel Soldiers, Marauding Indians, or Female Leadership Terminator Types attacks happen, you are on your own.  Bring some good reading material, XM radios, and camaraderie.  Nights should be cold in the Fall in the Sierras at this altitude.  There are bathrooms, bear boxes, picnic tables and nice area hiking even up to Cottonwood Pass and the PCT.  I think the permits are just walk-in, so it is simple to camp there.  THIS IS A SEASON ENDING GOOF-OFF EVENT, but everyone will be expected to act to promote the highest honor to themselves and the hiking community.

Your obedient servant and I thank you,

Switchback the Trail Pirate
49% Hiker, 51% Trash

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