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You asked if the silk liner is easy to wash and dry while on the trail.  Since my solo, self supported, PCT journey from Mexico to Canada was by horse, I mostly lived on the trail - usually I camped at locations well out of sight of the PCT. I washed my cloths, including the silk liner, while on the trail.  I did not use soap so as to not pollute water sources. In a creek, lake or pond, I just rinsed and rubbed, using a plastic scrubber. (Sometimes I did wash clothes with a little soap in my collapsible bucket. Then I would dispose of the water in a cat hole well away from water sources). My silk liner only required a good rinse and rub. If you hang it in a breeze, it dries very quickly - faster than most clothes. Sometimes I spread clothes, and the liner, on a large slab of rock, using small stones to keep them in place. Other times I hung them on the high line also used for my horse. You might be interested in looking at the slide show
 that I recently completed. Look for a link on:    postholer.com/stockman    Hanging clothes appear in at least couple of the pictures.

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I've never used a silk liner, but like the idea for warmth and keeping the bag cleaner. Like you said, bivy and liner serve in very different ways. Is the silk liner easy to wash and dry while on the trail?

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