[pct-l] Sleeping bag help, please

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Good evening STEELEYE,
I have cabin fever too. Eager to return to the trail. I don't bring a BIVY - just the silk liner. To me, it's well worth the 4.7 ounces that it adds. The inside of my sleeping bag stays clean. On the trail, I just air it about once a week, and rince-wash the liner. I also take solar showers on the trail! That's what you do when you live on the trail rather than hitching into towns.

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morning, MendoRider,  
I’m really glad to hear those weights because since
I don’t carry either one I can now feel good about saving 10.75 extra ounces
vs. the 4-5 ounces I thought I was saving. 
At home with lots of chores and
cabin fever… 
-Hiking the Pct since before it was the PCT –

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Nope, not so. The Equinox Ultra-light Bivy is not lighter than the Cocoon Silk sleeping bag liner. The Bivy weighs 6.5 ounces vs only 4.7 ounces for the silk Cocoon.  And the bivy is not useful in keeping the INSIDE of your bag clean. And, the Cocoon improves the warmth of the bag by 9.5 degrees. Of course, you could bring both and still only be carrying an extra 10.75 ounces. The Bivy and the Cocoon are designed to serve different purposes.

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