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andyj92 at aol.com andyj92 at aol.com
Sat Aug 10 13:35:07 CDT 2013

My $.02 of observed wisdom.
Most of my spam comes from Yahoo. Seemingly Yahoo server allows mass mailings. Not all. It seems to go in waves.

I have used AOL for 20+ years. AOL has been aggressive about spam. I send spam to their "Spam" folder vs using delete.
I visit spam folder and retrieve any misfiled posts. I use their "Not Spam" button. This is old skool A.I. but it does learn and pick-up my preferences. I suspect most mail programs will learn good from bad mass mailings -IF- we take the time to teach what we wish. They haven't learned to read minds, yet.. 

AOL uses an IMAP format...This is not same as other more popular formats for hackers. Or so I was told by IT dept guy.I have stayed with AOL for back-up dial-up when in hotels that charge high rates for WiFi in foreign lands. This is all pre-cellphone and broad WiFi usage tactics. I am sensitive to the various toll-takers who gouge travelers and visitors. Getting a huge bill totally unexpected and inable to pay in full seriously hurts...Philosophically I object to Google using me as a source of data to be aggregated and sold again and again. It's me and my biases.. When someone tells me their goal in life is to "Do No Evil" I watch my wallet and count my fingers...

Old trout gets to be old by not jumping after all shiny and tasty things that come by. I cannot afford a "FREE" anything. So No Google searches, no Android, No Gmail for me. I cannot do 44 miles a day. I cannot do 30 miles a day. I cannot 20 miles every day. It's my hike, my journey, my choice... Yes, Cushy, some days I do camp. There is no T-shirt, no beltbuckle, no golden pack or waterbottle... Not even a website where I could claim all my miles, sections etc... (Like there is for marathon and ultra-runners)

Happy Trails to all...
Until we meet again.
"AJ" aka Andy

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