[pct-l] PCT Record attempt

Gail Van Velzer vanvelzer at charter.net
Mon Aug 11 10:28:15 CDT 2014

While I think Joe's attempt at the record is remarkable and wonderful that 
he would raise funds for cancer, it is assisted.  From reading the newspaper 
article, it seems that he is met by his team almost every night.  He doesn't 
have to set up camp, carry very much weight and find resupplies on his own. 
This alone allows him to have a bit more energy or at the very least he's 
not expending energy on things that don't get him down the trail.

I also have a hard time with those that say that Josh Garret is the current 
record holder, because he too was assisted.  In my opinion, Heather Anderson 
holds the real record because she did it on her own, unassisted.

With all the record setting attempts, do these people even see the beauty of 
the trail?

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> Aaawwweeesome!!!!!
> Does anybody know if Joe already finished?
> And, if so, what his time was?
> JMT Reinhold
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> I saw him this past Thursday just north of Grizzly Peak, less than 150 
> miles from the border.
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> />/  There's a front page article in today's Seattle Times about an 
> attempt to
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> http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2024221697_pacificcrestrunner02xml.html
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