[pct-l] Trees on trail in section K

David Hough on pct-l pcnst2001 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 11 15:29:11 CDT 2014

Over the weekend I walked from Barker Pass to Middle Velma, then took the TYT to Meeks Bay.

There were about half a dozen trees across the trail between Miller Creek and Richardson
Lake, 18-24" except one more like 36".     They all had bypasses, although I wondered
about the 36" one for stock.      They didn't seem to hinder the party of half a dozen
illegal bicyclists on the trail.

Speaking of doubtful legality, there were a couple of campfires burning at Richardson Lake.
I'm not sure it counts as a "campground" where campfires are permitted right now.

Aside from that the rest of the PCT that I traveled did not need attention.

The TYT route of Phipps Peak and Phipps Pass was unexpectedly scenic.     A lot of effort
went into constructing that trail long ago, not so much on maintenance recently - there was a fair amount of brush but no trees across the entire 13 miles section.

The last mile to Meeks Bay was unexpectedly cold and damp as the latent thunderstorms became
unlatent.     In less than half an hour there were a couple of ankle-deep puddles.
Cars coming back from Barker Pass looked like they had been in the snow.
There was  stretch of the road with about 4" of hail accumulated.
But in the time it took to retrieve the car, most of it melted.

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