[pct-l] Survey of Water Prep

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Fri Aug 15 10:31:41 CDT 2014

Unless I'm camped at a heavily used area, I just drink the water.


On 08/14/14, Ed Jarrett wrote:

There are any number of ways that people on the PCT deal with their drinking water, and I have used several over the years. But I am curious as to how many might be using each of these ways of treating water, and thought it might be useful to others who are considering hiking the PCT. If you are willing to share; just what is your primary method of preparing drinking water while on the trail. It may be that you use several depending on the source of water; for instance you might normally filter, but drink straight if you see the water coming out of the ground. In that case your primary method is filtering. Prep methods might include:NoneChemicalBleachIodineChlorine DioxideFilterMechanicalGravitySqueezeIn-line filterSteripenOther
If I get enough responses to be meaningful, I will collate the responses and let you all know the results.
For myself, I am currently using a squeeze filter.
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