[pct-l] Stehekin detour Resupply question

Kit Ravensong kitravensong at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 11:03:38 CDT 2015

Packages can be mailed to Goats Beard Mountain Supply in Mazama on SR 20, North Cascades Highway, east of Rainy Pass. Its a fairly easy hitch down to Mazama.

Its a long road walk. I proposed an alternate route via trail, but it does have some smoke with the NE breeze. I have sent the route to Andrea Dinsmore. Part of it goes along the PCT alternate which hikers had to do for several years due to the Suiattle bridge being out. Noone to my knowledge has tried it and it is longer.

I came over the North Cascades Highway yesterday. There was no smoke. I didn't see any PCTers on the highway.

One PCTer at Mazama yesterday said there was smoke over the crest at the Cloudy Pass/Holden valley, but didn't see any over the Suiattle/Agnes valley.

You can always call NCNP and ask to speak with the ranger in Stehekin.


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