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marmot marmot, good advise.  and i have a lot of town weight to get rid of...
 Semper Fi, Jerry Nicholson
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Remember that early in your hike it would be unusual to carry that much weight in food. Until you burn off town weight ---go light. Or you just end up providing other hikers with free food via the hiker boxes. 

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>> My plan is to do a lot of walking with a pack and keep adding weight until I
>> get to my load capacity.
> You do want to be careful about your gear, so that your base weight
> (without food and water) is as low as you can get safely.I think that
> low teens is quite doable. There are people who get below 10, but I
> never have.
> Figuring 2lbs a day for food for a 5 day stretch, and a couple of
> liters of water, you won't often leave town after resupply with more
> than 30lbs.
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