[pct-l] laser treatments for plantar fasciitis?

be hope bh.csuchico at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:41:17 CST 2015

Hey Rock-Kicker,

Hmmmmmm. . . . . . laser treatment for PF . . . . don't know what that
means . . . . what does the data / studies show and what about the
anecdotal stories in terms of treatment outcomes?

My PF came from too many and too fast interval workouts on the track.
Concluded that I destroyed all future running, basketball, tennis, and
hiking activities: a very painful case of PF. Did some of the standard
non-invasive treatments and shifted over to a swimming program to stay in
shape and hoped that was good therapy for PF too. To stay off my feet
worked on some Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven on the piano in the garage.
Eventually (probably two years) got back to all of the stuff I did before
but adopted the Jamaicans' practice of only doing interval workouts on

So my anecdotal story is, IMHO, 1) don't rush things to get back to your
feet activities ~~ it's gonna take some time 2) fill time with hobbies that
don't involved your feet 3) I'm convinced that the pool workouts did
contribute to my PF recovery.  YMMV

Best wishes for a complete recovery and best wishes to all on this list for
a pleasant holiday.

be hope

Has anybody on the list had laser treatments for plantar fasciitis? If so,
> did it help? I'm battling PF and nothing seems to help so far,
> Rock-Kicker

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