[pct-l] Something better than Flagyl to take along?

barg barg at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 17 13:53:17 CST 2015

As mentioned by others, not all stomach ailments experienced on the PCT are
the result of Giardia. Improper food handling or bathroom hygiene probably
causes the majority of the gastro. Flagyl et.al. are not that effective for
the latter. For that reason I have my doctor prescribe Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
for me. 3-500 mg daily doses will cover all of the usual stomach infections
including Giardia. Further, I can use Cipro for other body infections that
might occur on the trail. Please note, usage of Cipro for other infections
is more complicated and something that should be discussed with a physician
or pharmacist.

Grampa Kilt RN (ret)

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