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As someone who has super narrow feet myself, I would caution about starting out with shoes that are too big.  It's pretty hard to find low volume shoes to hike in as it is.  When you get a longer pair, you tend to get more volume too.  For me even a half size too big big makes me feel like I'm wearing clown shoes, and my feet slip and slide in the shoes causing blisters.  It's unstable and uncomfortable.  In 20 years of backpacking, my feet have never gotten any wider, and they don't grow noticeably in length when I'm on the trail.  I would start out with something that fits reasonably well, but maybe have a larger size you can order or have waiting to be sent to you if necessary.  

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>Hi everyone, I am planning for my attempted thru hike this coming spring
>and I have a question about footwear.
>So I have read all the guides and whatnot and it is highly suggested that I
>should purchase and wear shoes that are a size too large. I can see how
>this totally makes sense as my feet are going to swell, but are they really
>going to swell THAT much?? I have super narrow feet, so I am wondering if I
>really need to do this. It also makes me nervous to wear shoes too big
>because isn't ill fitting footwear a cause of blisters? Also, in hiking the
>PCT, I am going to be putting more stress on my feet than I ever have in my
>entire life and it seems odd to do this in incorrect fitting shoes. I'm
>confused about what to do on this one...would love to hear of others
>personal experiences!! Thanks!
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