[pct-l] Glasses or contacts

Peggy Rice msrice27 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 22:30:41 CDT 2015

Hello Stephanie,

I'm a dedicated contact lens wearer (I haven't had glasses on my face since
I got contacts at age 16, forty years ago).  I haven't had any trouble with
contacts on the trail in terms of cleanliness.  I keep a small "special"
washcloth that is just for use with the contacts, and I also took a little
extra saline solution so I could rinse my fingertips with it.  I did have a
little trouble getting the lenses in my eyes when it was very windy in the
morning (a good part of the first 700 miles of the trail).  I would say
that it depends on whether you normally war contacts or glasses, and how
motivated you are for either choice.


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