[pct-l] Fires

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On the JMT, I had to stop a noobie from setting up his camp stove right
against the base of a large evergreen tree. The sap was visible running down
the bark just above where his pot would go. He was utterly clueless about
the danger posed by pine resin.

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I just don't think some of these hikers have enough outdoor experience to
understand how a fire can spread. Even in a fire ring the fire can move.
Every day there is enough wind to blow leaves and small pine branches into a
fire. The fire makes its own drafts.  The burning leaves etc are lifted out
of the fire ring. I have put out so many fires that campers have walked away
from --thinking they were out. Other thruhikers have similar stories. The
campers/hikers who started the forest fires didn't do it on purpose. Doesn't
make the trees,animals and humans any less dead. 

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