[pct-l] "BIKING EUROPE" was "Please people don't do this"

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed May 20 17:17:46 CDT 2015

Yes Ned,
We saw this coming even long before "Cheryl" and "Wild".

As far as my Europe bike trip, it was nothing like your 5,000 mile
trip in 1979.
It was just a leisure "Barge & Bike" vacation in Europe that Karen
and I went on with the San Diego Ski Club, of which we are long
term members.
Every day the barge, which is basically a floating hotel with enough
bikes for all, cruises down the river while those who want to bike,
bike through the countryside and meet up with the barge 40-50 miles
down the river.

Nothing "hardcore" about this but it's a lot of fun, you get to see
the country and takes all the hassle, packing & unpacking, catching
trains & planes, and checking in and out of hotels associated with
typical vacations.
Once you check into the barge everything is taken care off....all
you have to do is bike and enjoy the countryside.

JMT Reinhold

Ned wrote:
Hey, Reinhold!
We saw this coming two years ago, went to talk with Cheryl about it
a year go, and are already "Standing By!"

Did I ever tell you that back in 1979 I did a 4-month, 5,000-mile
bicycle camping tour of Europe?
Had an absolute blast!
I would love to hear about your trip sometime!

Reinhold wrote:
You hit the nail right on the head.
I carried 10 liters on some dry Grand Canyon trails some years ago.
I learned many years ago, if you are going to skimp on anything to
keep your pack light, don't ever skimp on the water, skimp on your
You can survive without food for days, even weeks, you could be a
casualty in one day without water.

Mother Nature tolerates no fools.
To prevent these things from happening, it is best to keep fools
like that out of Mother Natures harm.
In other words keep fools of the PCT, until they have learned the
ways of Mother Nature and know how to survive in the wilderness.

With statements like "To my surprise, this trail was very rugged
and difficult" it appears that Driscoll had absolutely no idea
what he was getting into.

But folks, judging by this years crop on the trail, YOU AIN'T SEEN

Ned,....get your "Search & Rescue Team" ready,....something tells
me this is going to be a busy year for you.

JMT Reinhold
Fritz wrote:
Aloha Everyone,
I don't feel bad when I tell people I normally carry 9 or 10 liters
when hiking the lower sections of the PCT--admittedly, it's heavy,
but I don't have issues making it safely from one assured water spot
to the next.
Most people I meet react with some surprise when I tell them that,
but I've never run dry even when the "expected" water sources aren't
I saw folks a week or so back in Section C that are going to be
struggling, potentially dangerously, if they don't keep a close eye
on the water report and/or change their water strategy in Section D,
E, and F.
Aloha, Fritz

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