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Herb Stroh HStroh at sjmslaw.com
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A somewhat humorous story on packing with goats appeared in Backpacker Mag some time ago: http://www.backpacker.com/destinations-stories/my-partner-ate-my-socks-a-tale-of-goatpacking/3/#bp=0/img1 

It does seem to suggest that one should have experience packing with goats before undergoing a lengthy trip. 


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The other day, the following was posted:

"Hey guys,

We are doing the thru hike on the PCT next year and we want to take a couple of goats with us. Anyone have advice on doing this...where to get some goats, previous experience doing it...things like that. 

Thanks!! "


If you're having to ask about where to get goats, you obviously don't have the experience necessary to safely (for the animal) take them on a long, complex pack trip that is a thru hike attempt.  For the sake of any pack animal you may use, first gain the necessary experience under far less demanding circumstances.

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