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We have all gotten lost believe me.  Some of us more than once.  The trail 
is very visible 99.99% of the time.  But there are occasional junctions 
that are confusing.  You should have map & compass skills whenever you 
enter the wilderness.
Navigating is a skill that must be learned.  And there is no substitute 
for practice.  I'd suggest that you get some hands on training.  REI 
offers some classes.  Staying Found is a great book.  Grab a compass & 
practice at home or in a local park.
It is not rocket science, but requires some practice.  Even if you never 
get slightly lost, you will have the confidence that you can rely on your 
skills.  Preparation is part of the fun!  Good luck.

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So I'll be upfront and honest. I have next to zero sense of direction. I'm
22 and get lost in my own city. That's 22 years ive lived in Seattle. I
have my own personal reasons for wanting to do the PCT, self discovery and
stuff... But how hard is the trail to navigate? I have the maps. But I can
get lost with a GPS telling me what to do and reading a map has never been
a strong point with me. I'm planning to do the hike next year if I don't
get accepted into grad school. Other wise I'll put it off for about four
years. I've read lots of blogs about people realizing they were two miles
off from the actual trail or were just heading back the way they came on
accident because they got turned around. Does this happen a lot?

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