[pct-l] I'm not as good as I once was

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Mon May 30 09:32:27 CDT 2016

JMT Reinhold wrote:  About a 15 minute walk from my house , at a University, is a 80 step stair well.  To keep my legs in hiking shape I used to hike to the stairs and with heavy "Waffle Stumper" boots and a 45 lb. pack do 25 loops up and down the stairs.  
I was grumbling to Karen, the other day, how I was "sucking wind" after 25 loops

Switchback replies: Well, you are doing a lot better than a lot of folks.  I just do a 45 minute walk 4-times a week on a dirt trail with a 50% loaded pack.  My base pack weight is about 12 pounds or so.  My pack is an old Ray Jardine style Go-Light pack at 15 ounces (no waist belt).  I noticed at Lone Pine on Friday that some of the hikers were using Osprey packs.  I guess they give a great ride down the trail.  I do use an Osprey Talon 6 waist pack as a belly pack.  I have used this technique for 50 years (back when the last Ice Age glaciers were retreating from the Sierras) on the trail.  I like it better than a backpack waist belt with holders.  BTW, my 360-degree netting shelter is at 2 pounds (including ground cloth, poles, rainfly, and stakes).  It is a free-standing 2-person Big Agnes tent.  I always like tents on the trail, so the Trail Boogie Man can't get me at night --- you carry your fears on the trail.  :-)  Most of my foods are vegetarian and raw.  I especially like Outdoor Herbivore meals.  I checked with the Ranger at Tuolumne Meadows last Friday to see about my hike in June.  She checked her bear canister list and said my Little Sami (1 lb. 10 ounces) was approved for use.  It is good for 3-4 days on the trail --- good enough for me.

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