[pct-l] Bounced? Probably not

Luce Cruz lucecruz13 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 15:24:46 CST 2016

I have seen two posts asking about why they haven't been getting the PCT-L

Well, first thing you should know is there haven't been any that I have
seen posted in the last few days. (sound of crickets chirping)

Second, many email providers immediately and without good reason that I
know of force the PCT-L list emails into "Spam" folders. If you are unable
to change this with a filter or other setting to your email service or
client, then they will continue to not show up in your "Inbox" and go
straight to "Spam". I created a filter for my Gmail account to make sure
that PCT-L messages go into my "Inbox". In fact, without making this
setting if necessary, you won't even see this message, something some of
you might prefer. ;)

More rarely, but not impossible, is your subscription just somehow flakes
off from backcountry.net. Hey, it's just a stupid computer, right? But this
is least likely to happen. There is a way to check this at backcountry.net,
and the link is at the bottom of each and every list email message.

If it's just a matter of there has not been any mail, so you haven't
received any, than good news! You are still probably alive despite PCT-L
not proving such to you!

If it's any of the other problems, well, if you ever get this, maybe now
you know what the issue is. Or not. That's life. Happy Holidays.

Luce Cruz

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