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Sat Nov 26 16:24:43 CST 2016

I found Mather to be the hardest, because snow forced me to climb straight up instead of using switchbacks. The climb down was equally treacherous, as I stumbled dangerously down my own trail, unable to locate the PCT proper. I agree with you that Forrester didn't feel particularly challenging. 

Woodstock, PCT 2016

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> On Nov 26, 2016, at 4:39 PM, Scott Diamond <scott.diamond.mail at gmail.com> wrote:
> Given lack of e-mail on this list I thought I'd ask a totally unscientific
> question  "What PCT climb is the hardest?"  Or hardest for you.
> Forester pass, as the high point, would be the logical choice but, speaking
> for myself, I guess I was so mentally prepared for that that it was really
> no problem. For some reason I struggled more on Muir pass a few miles
> north. Sonora pass was tough. Well the climb itself was fine but it seemed
> to go on forever on the top before finally heading down. In Northern CA the
> climbs out of Sierra City and Belden get honorable mentions. Any others
> come to mind for you?
> How about Southbounders? The hike up to Idylwild is something like 6,000
> feet and 20 miles with no water (and probably hot). Was that the toughest
> for SB?
> These days the hardest climb I have is probably the stairs up to the donut
> shop.
>          -Scott
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