[pct-l] Jawbone Canyon Road

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Fri Apr 20 17:15:03 CDT 2018

 I-Beam- Question?

I'm looking at a PCT CA Section F map, and Jawbone Canyon Rd. comes up from
the eastern flank of the Sierra, in a W by NW track, crosses the PCT at
mile 602.5, up on top, and then T bones into Piute Mnt. Rd., at Claraville

Piute Mnt. Rd. runs a westerly / easterly track at this intersection. Piute
Mnt. Rd. tracks E by NE, eventually intersecting with Kelso Valley Rd., at
a point a few miles as a crow flys above the PCT's mile # 617.

If this is the road you are inquiring about- then yes, I have traveled that
road in a Dodge 350 dually truck- and no, a 4WD vehicle is not required.

For clarity, this route is known as the Harris Grade, and the route from
the eastern flank of the Sierra, up over the top, is known as the Geringer

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