[pct-l] CAL FIRE Campfire Permits

Paint YW paintyourwagonhikes at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 21:58:01 CST 2018

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Preacher Paint will now sermonize to the flock.

Observation: No hiker that I know will ever carry a shovel while hiking,
per the CA Fire Permit requirement, such as the one used in the video. Some
hikers will state that their trowel meets the shovel requirement, and some
ultra-light hikers will forego carrying a trowel, and will state that they
will dig their cat holes by using the tip of their hiking pole, leaving
said tip as their primary ground clearing tool.

As a noob, I carried an aluminum collapsible shovel, like the kind one
might keep in the trunk of their car for an emergency, only to be hounded
and mocked by the majority of experienced hikers that I encountered in
2012, at the ADZPCTKO. Succumbing to peer pressure and needing to lighten
my pack, as I was easily carrying 60-70 lbs, of gear, food and water, my
goal of carrying a shovel all the way to Canada, dissolved by mile 152, and
wound up in my friend Evil Goat's possession in Anza, CA.

I tried to adhere to the requirement of the CA Fire Permit, in that one is
required to have a shovel present, during the use of fire, in order to be
compliant, which includes by the way, the same stipulations if using a gas
stove. I did not build open fires then, and I do not build open fires now.
That being said- my trowel is now my shovel like so many others, and that
is where I am at in complying (or not) with my obligation to the creed of
the CA Fire Permit. Anybody see the problem?

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