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Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Tue Oct 30 15:10:56 CDT 2018

The PCT-L Archives are working again and hikers are communicating again.
As of October 28, 2018 there was only 1 post, the October 1 post by 
Mike, listed in the October Archives which let me to post my October 28 
There were  o  posts on the Archives between October 1 & October 28.
This is evidence that a lot of PCT-L members, like me, follow the "LIST" 
via the Archives rather than via their e-mail.
I know most of my "old time, hard-core, hiking buddies follow the list 
via the Archives.
I bet there must be other list members that, like me, probably thought 
the list died on October 1 when no more posts appeared
in the Archives after October 1.
Brick, you may want to send a message to the old time list members to 
remind those, who like me, follow the list via the Archives and assumed 
the list died, that the list is alive & kicking and the Archives are 
working again.
That may "rejuvenate" the List to its former glory by increased 
participation by those list members who may have thought the list
died October 1.
Although, some of the old timers may have already died between October 1 
and October 28.
At 78 I am still a "Spring Chicken"...but Switchback, who I believe may 
be around 98, may not be around anymore.

He,he,he,he.....forgive me Switchback,...I could not help myself,...it's 
not my fault...the devil made me do it.

JMT Reinhold

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