[pct-l] How to get to Kennedy Meadows South.

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That is the same bus ( Kern County Transit)that goes from Ridgecrest west through the pass. Call them though,because when I wanted to use that bus the service was every other day ,west to East and vice versa. That’s why I ended up hitching 

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> On Apr 26, 2020, at 11:09 AM, "gary at hbfun.org" <gary at hbfun.org> wrote:
> You can get a bus from LAX to Bakersfield, there are a few options.
> Then Kern County Transit will drop you off at Walker Pass. Bus 227.
>  https://kerntransit.org/
> It's just a couple of days to KM from there. Could be smoking hot in
> July, though. It is a nice stretch, IMHO.
> A nice short side trip through there is up Mt. Jenkins, named after
> one of the authors of the first editions of the Wilderness Press
> guidebooks. Gives you good views of what's ahead.
> Gary
> On Sat 25/04/20  5:18 PM , Nathan Dreon ndreon at yahoo.com sent:
> My thru hike was supposed to start earlier this month, it didn't work
> out.
> Assuming it is reasonable to do so I would like to start my section
> hikeof the PCT in mid July at Kennedy Meadows South.  
> Can someone tell me how I might arrange to get to KMS from LAX?The
> difficult part will be the last 20 miles, I think the rest can be done
> on a bus.
> If it is too hard could someone recommend a starting point not to far
> to thenorth of KMS that would be easier to get to?
> Thanks.
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