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Gary Buffington gbuff at cox.net
Fri Dec 31 17:44:32 CST 2010

First Hitchhike:  We hiked in 2000.  Somewhere in the first couple of weeks,
not knowing any better, we had pitched alone in a secluded spot not far from
a paved road.  While eating dinner at dusk we heard a vehicle door slam on
an unknown dirt road and then saw a person 30 yards off in the woods DIGGING
around a tree.  We said hello.  The person said nothing while turning away
from us and picked up something and walked away and then drove off from the
unseen road.  I told Sweet Pea, "We are out of here!" Now in the dark,  we
packed up the already pitched tent and gear and ran to the paved road to
hitchhike.   It was cold in the thirties, and I said, "put on your hat so
you don't look like a girl."  Half an hour later after dozens of cars zoomed
by, I said, "Take off your hat so you look like a girl."   Finally, in the
early years of cell phones, she pulled out one and called a cab.  Another 45
minutes later the "cab" arrived.  It was the year 2000, and the "cab" was a
1978 Olds with bald tires, and looked older.  The driver was right out of
Bryson's Book, all 300 pounds of him.  His passenger girlfriend balanced off
the vehicle nicely.  As they drove us to town we switched back and forth
from lane to lane often swerving.  They pointed out where "Deliverance" was
filmed.  They charged $15.00.  We lived.  Although this isn't exactly a
hitchhike, I thought it close enough for storytelling.  

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