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And most Down's kids are more high-function than most autistic kids. Please note the generalization!

Downs is a defect in the 8th chromome pair. My baby-sister-niece has tri-some 8 disorder, which is similar. She is moderately high-function, but not as high as most Down's kids. She has the sense of humor of a Catskills comedian. She was not supposed to live past two, then 12. She will be 22 on the 3rd! My life would be much emptier without her, and I thank God that we have socialized medicine AT LEAST for disabled and elderly folks! She would not be alive without it. Whoever wants to yah-yah can do so elsewhere or politely shove it!

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I don't know about Downs, but when I hiked the AT in 1992 there was a family out hiking with a son who had severe autism.  I met them at Cable Gap, just before the Smokies.  Seems the father had long dreamed about thruhiking.  His wife, who had no interest in hiking, said, "If you go, we're going too."  I have no idea how far they got, but they at least got as far as Fontana that year.  (Biggest problem was that she insisted on going to every single town they passed.  She carried a hair dryer so she'd look good in town. ) The son didn't really seem to understand why they were out there, but he was enjoying himself - at least on a nice sunny day.  IIRC, we talked about Dollywood, which they were going to visit when they reached Gatlinburg.

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