[at-l] OT - Freedom of Speech was Snowshoeing VS Hiking

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Jim, before they're through, the Roberts court will do more harm to the country than has been thought of yet. And that's not politics. I'm talking about things like removing protected status for lots of places we hold near and dear.

I could see a lawsuit being brought that gets to the USSOC that totally takes the teeth out of the National Scenic Trails Act. Up to and including the forced return of lands siezed by eminent domain acquisitions. All it will take is the right plaintiff with enough money, coming up through the correct Federal court district. It could happen. I really hope not, though.

As I said, this isn't about politics. And for future reference to whoever may not know the difference: I AM NOT A LIBERAL!!! I just believe that people should be put before corporations. Oh well.

Hug a tree for Thomas Jefferson.

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IMO The Bill of Rights was intended to protect the freedoms of individuals. Corporations are not individuals and money is not speech. Yeah, I know they are virtual persons for liability purposes but that shouldn't extend to everything else. The next thing you know they'll be granting them the vote. Same goes for unions as far as I'm concerned.

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Are you referring to the Unions?

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You mean the same guys that, only last week, gave corporations the right to buy 
all future elections? Those guys? Right...

Jim Bullard

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