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Some years ago, another hiker and I were getting to the section where you choose to go over or around. There was thunder and lighning and hail like small marbles. Both of us knew that we had every legitimate reason to go around, but niether one would suggest it (we talked about it later). So up we went, hooting and laughing amd racing for the shelter up ahead. It stopped about the time we got there. :-)

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On my '09 thru hike a fellow hiker took the blue blaze road around 
Albert Mountain's peak and got the name Shameless Blue Blazer, or 
Shameless for short.
Pink Blaze

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I'd *much* rather go over Albert going North. That downgrade going 
South is a little crazy at the end of a long day. Of course, if you're 
hanging, right under the tower on top of Albert is a great place to 
sleep. The sunset from the top of the tower is pretty awesome, 
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[at-l] Standing Indian LoopThanks! There are a couple of climbs that 
aren't easy, especially the climb up Albert Mountain, which came near 
the end of a 10-mile day. Even our little guys did well. I couldn't 
help but notice the thru-hikers, who'd been on the trail more than a 
week by the time they got to Standing Indian, were not doing much 
better than our guys.Cutterhttp://twitter.com/cutterOn Sun, Mar 21, 
2010 at 6:18 PM, fosterp599 <fosterp599 at bellsouth.net> wrote:Good for 
you and the Scouts! Foster ParsonsFirst 
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