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My contacts have always liked the 'free view' online to see their listings.
I've always liked being able to use the 'free view' aspect of our guide as a
distinguishing feature between us (ALDHA/ATC) and the Just-For-Profit books.
The "free view hurts sales" sure sounds true-ish, however we've sold plenty,
sold out, and the alternative publication (who never had a free view) went
out of business.
If I'm not mistaken, every time this issue came up at Gatherings it was
voted down - and it seems that giving this major change to a small subset of
members to decide is a way to bypass the expressed will of members. I may be
wrong, but that sure seems to be what is going on.


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>  There were good reasons for putting the Companion online.  It's good
> advertising for both the book and the organization, and oddly enough, having
> it freely available actually means selling more hard copies.  People get a
> chance to see what they're buying.
> My biggest issue with this is I think that making this kind of change is
> something that should be discussed at an ALDHA meeting open to all the
> membership
>  before being implemented.  Probably most people will go along with the
> change, since the idea that offering a free version actually increases sales
> is counter-intuitive, though it has been proved in the publishing world, but
> it is still something that should be open to the entire membership to
> decide.
> Ginny & Jim
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