[at-l] Poughkeepsie, Nuclear Lake

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Tue Mar 29 12:14:10 CDT 2011

RockDancer wrote:
> .... Anyone know more of the history of this "non-nuclear 
> explosion"? ..."... Nuclear Lake is 57 acres and manmade..." 

Does this help? 

"...In 1972, the surrounding woods were contaminated when a 
chemical explosion scattered radioactive plutonium dust, 
considered by scientists to be the most toxic form of plutonium 
because of the threat of lung cancer if inhaled.

The plant was closed, the plutonium was cleaned up, truckloads 
of contaminated soil were carried away and the decommissioned 
site was cleared by the federal government for unrestricted use 
in 1975, said Robert Leone, field representative for the New York-
New Jersey Trail Conference....

Questions about whether the site was really safe arose shortly 
after the National Park Service bought it and started planning 
a recreation area...."

More at: 

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