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For those with nothing better to do perhaps a trail journal will interest


http://trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=357949 should get you there or look
for the RockDancer journal for 2011. This is my first real effort to make a
coherent journal since my '97 thru. I might even have pictures! Here's a


July 2

"I reach Pen-Mar County Park at 2:15 but I'm pretty depleted because I've
had only 1 liter of water since 9 AM. The rest rooms are clean, have cold
water and there is also a drink machine. I hang out here for the afternoon
to rest and rehydrate.
Pen-Mar isn't very nice, some rude people there, and I was told to get my
dirty ass off the picnic table. "people eat on that table!" Later after
walking around a bit I sat down with my 3rd soda and dropped it, a lady gave
a wise-crack "well that was dumb" and all I could manage was a sarcastic
"thanks". She later came over and apologized. She's in her 70's, talks a lot
but seems OK. She offers rides to hikers as a way of meeting people and
making a little bit of money.
Reached the Deer Lick Shelters and both are occupied, one with a single
hiker, the other with a pair. None talk to me, show any interest at all. Two
other hikers are camping with a dog and I don't go near them. I set up on a
grit & dirt platform. During the night a heavy rain came."


(ok, ok, so I'm not George Steffanos; not everyone can be that good!)



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