[at-l] Wow, a for real flame war

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Thu Dec 27 09:14:34 CST 2012

Why you stay with a list you find boring is, I’m sure, a mystery to the rest of us.  Hint, hint.   

From: Matt Signore 
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Subject: Re: [at-l] Wow, a for real flame war

I don't look down my nose at people for enjoying this, but seriously a 15 year old TJ is not old enough to make it historical.  First of all, there are far better reads about the AT than someones TJ entry about now being a hiker because he can do a 22 mile day without planning it.  Secondly, I find it odd that people are impressed  by a 22 mile day. 

Also this is the only one of the 3 lists where people clog up the traffic with TJ entries.  Whatever you like I guess, but I find it EXTREMELY BORING.  Carry on.

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