[at-l] Voices -- but *good* voices... Re: Hiker in Snowstorm---

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 13:51:51 CST 2013

--- On Thu, 3/7/13, Allen Freeman <allen at allenf.com> wrote:

> 2) I find when I get myself into a touchy situation it helps
> a lot to talk to myself: "You have everything you need on your back.
> You can just stop and make camp. It's snowing, so you can melt snow
> for water. You're not in danger unless you do something stupid." It's
> important to do this before you reach that tipping point where things
> start going downhill from hypothermia or panic.

OMG -- I do this all the time.
I've been changing my trading some in the past year, and just plain NONE of it is at all "automatic" and it seems some days like ALL of it is edge-of-your-seat sort of stuff. Well, as a retail trader, so much goes on "alone" yet, there is a very "social" aspect to all of this (via "trading groups"), as you group together to go David v. Goliath against the big trading houses, the market in general, whatever. You trade tips, traps, lessons hard-learned, nuances that bite you in the ass...{"CRUMP!" Owwwww!}, etc., etc.....

So often, if I'm feeling stressed out, my mind is more focused on "How'in'ell am I going to explain *this* bone-headed maneuver???" OR[!] perhaps, in recounting how a thoughtful, resourceful little trick paid off handsomely or reduced risk nicely...... whatever. That Crowd Voice is always there, with "Hey-yyy, whatcha doin'???" even when nobody, in fact, is there!!!

Sometimes, acting in ways that kill Great Stories Of The Future is in fact a pretty smart way to go.
"Hey, how'd trading/hiking go with you this week?"
"Oh, pretty boring."
"Yeah. Me too."


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