[at-l] Another Hiker Down!

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 13:45:11 CDT 2013

Yes! I once ran the Boulevard Trail -- and as it was my first time on it, I can tell you I slowed down even more than my usual slowness, right at that pinchpoint you describe. The question went through my head: what do they do in winter?

The AT was routed to go past Charlies Bunion way back when... if you take the thinner parts of what is now a bypass, and nibble a few more feet off of them, you'd approach the little ziggy-zaggy to which T.Fort and I refer. Friable (breakable/broken) rock, steep pitch, slow-motion falls ready to happen.

I tread lightly 'round there...

--- On Mon, 3/11/13, Tom Fort <tom at tjfort.net> wrote:

> Those trails coming down off of mnt LeConte ARE scary.  I did the
> Boulevard trail once.  One portion has switchback where you might feel
> the need to crawl down them because they are steep and exposed.
> Another portion is nothing but a ledge cut into a sheer wall of rock.
> You have to hold onto a cable to keep from falling (70 ft maybe).    I
> did it in a winter storm!  Needed to get off that mountain!  Scary
> moments.

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