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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
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I’ve heard mixed things about them, and had a mixed experience myself

(assuming they’re still the same owners). Our box wasn’t there when we got
there, but admittedly, we really didn’t give the mail enough time. They live
a couple hours drive from the lodge, so they may not get the mail more than
a couple times a week. They did have a “hiker box” though (but there wasn’t
much in it). They weren’t super friendly, but they did make dinner (which
wasn’t that great). When our box did arrive, they were kind & responsible
enough to forward it to Rawlins for us at no charge. 


I think their big thing is “hunters with deep pockets”, and they see hikers
as a lot of work & no $ return. It seems to me they could tap into the
climber/hiker clientele though - if they had a little café & advertised it.
There are a ton of hungry climbers coming out of the cirque of the towers
area & no other real options for that after-hike juicy burger. 




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The Big Sandy Lodge is a poor place to re-ration.
The people there were very rude and difficult to deal with.
Several hikers are of agreement on this issue. 
If you can avoid frustration and anger by rationing elsewhere please do so.



While they may not be overtly hiker, they did cook the 6 of us breakfast,
which was pretty much an all you can eat, mid morning for a reasonable


However, I do think she was a little miffed when I sent two large boxes
(from Steamboat) instead of 6 individual boxes.  


It's just one of those places where hikers aren't their top priority.  Best
to be pleasant and well mannered for the sake of hikers that follow you.



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