[cdt-l] Fording rivers on the CDT

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Troubadour and Turtle started their 2002 sobo hike after a record 
setting storm in mid June (8th to 11th?) dumped 4 feet of snow in the 
Mountain Chief area and 5 feet of snow (9" water content) at Badger 
Pass. Warm weather soon followed, so  the runoff was extremely high 
and well above normal. I do recall reading their journals and some of 
their crossings in Glacier.


At 02:47 PM 4/12/2007, you wrote:
>I remember Troubadour and Turtle writing about a hair-raising river crossing
>in Glacier on their sobo hike in 2000. They were in Glacier before the
>bridges had been put out.
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>I have personally posted a question about fords on the
>CDT and have seen a few other hikers do the same.
>There haven't been a whole lot of responses.
>The answers I've seen seem to indicate that the fords
>of concern are in Montana, particularly in Glacier,
>and along the Gila in NM, and that they are not much
>to worry over unless there has been unusually heavy
>I just want to provide one more chance for experienced
>hikers to jump in with more info....
>I'm buying my gear right now, and I plan to carry a
>very light pair of flip flops for camp shoes and
>fords.  I have heavier Teva sandals that are great for
>swift, dangerous fords, but they are A LOT heavier.
>If I can get away with flip flops and/or socks for
>fords, then that will save me some weight.  For
>comparison, I was able to ford the glacial rivers in
>WA on the PCT in flip flops.....it wasn't pretty, but
>I didn't feel it was a big risk.
>As a sobo, I expect to see the worst fords in
>Glacier....with the low snow pack, I also expect that
>the fords will be normal or below normal.
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