[cdt-l] resupply planning

bethany baxtman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 12:20:24 CDT 2007

hi all.

i'm planning on heading north the beginning of may, so i'm in the midst 
of all the planning details right now. a few questions for the veterans:

* do you remember any towns along the way that had exceptionally good 
food shopping? i'm referring especially to non-safeway options, like a 
large food co-op or other alternative food stores with good prices? 
ashland was great on the pct and i was able to do almost all my shopping 
for oregon and washington there in a day. any suggestions??

* any major sections where i should plan on higher/lower miles than 
average? again, i'm kind of referencing the pct where the conventional 
wisdom seemed to be: plan on going slower from kennedy meadows to sonora 
pass, plan on going faster through oregon. i don't remember seeing 
anything similar about the cdt... perhaps because each section has it's 
own variety of challenges so that it all evens out? or not??

thanks in advance...

(gloves, pct05)

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