[cdt-l] CDT thesis, antithesis Re: David Horton's planned speed hike

Sloetoe sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 2 14:34:21 CDT 2007

### 'Wow' there, Bruce. I don't think the Appalachian
Trail Corporation could've put any better than you
just did, what the people who are actually using the
trail *do* *not* want. The CDT is *not* the AT; it's
not a PCT; the CDT is unique, fragile, and deserving
of preservation *exactly* as it is. Yet another
McTrail is NOT desirable. Count my vote with
fiddlehead's comment below.


--- Bruce Ward <bruce at cdtrail.org> wrote:
> Summary: CDTA recommends locating the CDNST in
> Wilderness, as much as possible. ...CDTA also
believes it is appropriate to construct new trails in
Wilderness to achieve the desired goals of the CDNST.

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> glen fleag

>   Many of us CDT hikers don't want the trail to be a
> continous marked footpath and enjoy the CDT for what
it is: a hike to test your skills in map reading,
bushwhacking, water finding, route creating, and
sometimes: how far can i go before i have to head to
town, among some.

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