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Great to hear from you Slotoe.  It sounds like you are bringing your
kids up right, developing an appreciation for the out of doors.  I know
that I will get lost some on the CDT.   I just don't want to do it too
much or too often.  I usually start about one half hour ahead of sunrise
and go for 12 to 14 hours.  That first hour in the morning is a very
special time to be on the trail.  The mornings bring the thoughts of the
adventures that you will have that day.  The last hour brings you the
satisfaction of the experiences of the day. The journey is the
adventure, not the destination.  In all the adventures, the finish is
anticlimactic to the actual process.
In Christ

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Yeah! (What Jim said.)

And too, what fiddlehead said:
"I think it's a grand goal, but i do believe you will
have to do a lot of research and count on getting lost
 quite a bit.    Possibly you'll have people along who
know the trail and will take you their favorite way.

It's a great trail.   I know that you will get some
flack from folks who don't like doing it fast.  I also
know that you will catch more sunsets and sunrises
then they will and see more wildlife because you will
be out
there when the wildlife is busy.  fiddlehead"

The boys and I did an auto-tour of MT/WY/CO cdt this
year, doing a bunch of pieces here and there,
including a transect of the Winds with Sly. With a
compass secured from bouncing on one side, and maps
secured on the other, this trail would *beg* for
miles-miles-miles to be done. 

Hey, ah, if you're looking for some decent training
runs, don't forget the ol' Indiana KT...
http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/kt/ That slacker
Courtney Campbell needed over six and a half hours to
do the 50k -- *surely* you can improve on that....

(200? CDT miles,
evil KT50 RD;
missing yet ANOTHER Gathering 
coaching soccer next weekend... booo.)

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.
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