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Ken Powers ken at gottawalk.com
Fri Oct 17 15:11:49 CDT 2008

We've used canisters exclusively on all our hikes with a Gigapower stove. We 
have not had any issues at high elevation on CDT or ADT, and we cooked above 
11,000 feet with no problems. We have found we are eating while alcohol 
users are still heating water.

We planned on small canisters lasting 4+ days. We are cooking for 2 people. 
Boil 2+ cups in the morning and usually boil 4 cups in evening. Recently we 
have been able to stretch  our fuel usage by using a caddy (my fleece 
jacket) instead of simmering. I think we are closer to 6 days on a small 
canister now.  We have a collection of partial canisters in the closet.

In cold weather you need to warm the canister. Its really fun to put a cold 
canister in your sleeping bag early in the morning. But cold canisters don't 
seem to burn well.

As for finding the canisters on trail, good luck. Some of the larger towns 
may have them. See my webpage on shipping fuel. 


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Hey All,

I'm heading out on the CDT in April and am debating cashing in my alcohol
stove for the MSR Pocket Rocket.

Anybody have experiencing using this stove on a thru-hike?  In particular I
would like to know how many uses you got out of your fuel canisters (4 or 8
ounce) and how it performed at elevation (10,000 plus feet).

Thanks for any input ya have.

Andy Brown
AT 2004
PCT 2006

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