[Cdt-l] Snowshoes

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 23 15:41:36 CST 2009

In the Rockies, why not get skis?  Wide open areas perfect for kicking and gliding. 

A good pair of backcountry skis with fishscales (perfect for beginners) and some boots
cost less used than most snowshoes. (Harder to find used snowshoes in good condition).

Snowshoes make more sense in the heavily wooded East than the Rockies IMO.

I've hauled 50 lbs (wine and marinated pork roast add up in weight) on skis..so they
can be used for backpacking quite easily.

I plodded on snowshoes..I switched to skis and now I glide. :)

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