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Just like Sly said. You may have to talk them out of watching the "bear video". 

I actually got our Glacier permit by phone from East Glacier. Two Medicine was closed by the time we got there so we would have had to go to St Marys. They gave me the permit number. The ranger at Goat Haunt checked us and called in the permit number to see that we were legal. She even questioned us to see that we stayed in the assigned campsites.

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  Hiking north I phoned in the Yellowstone permit from Dubois.  You pick out your campsites beforehand and tell them how many in your party, what day you expect to enter the park and when, and where, you'll be staying.  You may need to be flexible if some are full.  Then, IIRC, you pick up your permit at Old Faithful.  Of course, you're nearly out of the park by then, but that's how it works.  Hiking southbound phone from Macks Inn.  Yellowstone permits are free. 

  Once you reach East Glacier, either southbound (before your hike) or northbound, you need to get to Two Medicine and do it in person. 


  SidsElliott at aol.com wrote: 
    Question for the veterans...

    Did you actually book your Yellowstone and Glacier permits week in advance, and then confirm them once you got closer, or did you just get them when you got outside the parks?



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