[Cdt-l] Cumbres northwards question

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It has been a few years since I have been through this area.  I remember 
crossing the RR tracks, getting confused in a maze of cattle paths and then 
following a creek upstream until we (friend and I) gained the ridge and 
picked up a CDT sign- one of the few in the South San Juan's I remember 
seeing.  What I really remember about this area is that I had my closest 
encounter with a black bear just north of Cumbres.

I love the South San Juans- great hiking!!

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> Another option is as you you walk from cumbres pass toward the NF 
> campground (about halfway) you will have a logging/NF road on the left. If 
> you follow it and always go to the left (uphill) you will be able to 
> either work around the blowdowns or end up at the logging operations area 
> and be able to pick up the CDT on the ridgeline above the blow downs. I've 
> sorta got lost/misplaced in this area and followed a bunch of old logging 
> roads once when I lost the trail. All in all the CDT is on the highest 
> point and the alternate trail is at the bottom.  The ridge route is 
> prettier the lower route is easier (if the snow has melted enough out of 
> the trees).
> The logging operation is working on removing the thousands of dead trees 
> killed by the beetles.
> If you can make it through it is certainly worth the effort.
> Chris
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> Thanks Chris and Melanie for the information. I spoke to the forestry 
> office at Pagosa who put me on to the Rio Grande rangers at 719-274-8971. 
> I didn't get a huge amount of info from them other than logging may still 
> be going on at the Cumbres north CDT so take the alternative (as described 
> by Chris). Thats good info Chris, we are going for that route tomorrow and 
> its good to know about the 'bail-out' options.
> San Gabriel has gone through as well as Yeti so it is possible -it just 
> might well be hard work. However the scenery looks great to Wolf Creek 
> Pass. Martina and I have been climbing/mountaineering around the world now 
> for 20 years or so, so I guess experience won't be a problem for us- it 
> doesn't mean it won't be hard though! We are taking our ice axes, boots 
> and extra food but aren't carrying crampons.
> The Cooknbooks cafe in Chama is excellent by the way. Smoothies, greek 
> feta salads, nice fresh food all round. It made a change from the burritos 
> we have been eating in town up til now. Its beside the Chama Valley 
> Supermarket and worth a visit.
> Brian
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> question- correction!
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> Brian and Martina
> Check with rangers in Chama about the route north from Cumbres Pass. Yeti 
> is the only hiker so far who has gotten through to Pagosa and he is a very 
> experienced mountaineer - and he had lots of trouble. Also, the trail 
> north of Cumbres Pass was closed last year due to severe blowdowns and the 
> forest service had organized a re-route. Plus for Yeti snow was deep. He 
> had crampons. He is road walking north from Pagosa.
> I think Ellie is going to try to get through according to her journal 
> entry in Chama (6/1), but have not seen any note from her yet that she 
> made it via the trail.
> If you do attempt the San Juan route, be careful and hike safely. Have a 
> good rest. Try Carlotta's cafe in Chama -- good coffee and breakfasts.
> Melanie (In Salida)
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