[Cdt-l] Border Patrol notification

Bob BobandShell97 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 26 11:21:42 CDT 2009

I just got off the phone with the Border Patrol in Lordsburg (575-542-3221).
I was checking to see if all the national news about increased "border"
violence in the urban areas in Texas and Arizona should be of concern as one
started hiking the CDT from Crazy Cook.  We talked at length and the officer
knew exactly where Crazy Cook was.  Here are his points:  1) As a courtesy
to the BP, please check in with them before you hike, either by phone or in
person in Lordsburg.  He said they will KNOW we are out there, but this
basically is to keep them from having to stop and check us multiple times,
especially at night. He asked that your contact with them is best just as
you start and not weeks ahead.   2) He flatly stated that there is no
appreciable increased hazard where we will be.  It's an urban thing right
now.  He felt we should not be overly concerned.  3) At the fence, we WILL
be observed from the other side, at a distance, by some "bad types," but
their interest is just making sure no OTHER illegal group is trying to enter
Mexico with a shipment of drugs.  Turf-protection.  They stay on their side
and will leave us alone.  We probably won't even be aware of their presence,
again, at a distance. 3) As we hiked, anyone involved with the drug trade on
OUR side of the fence would not approach us, he said, and, in fact, will do
all they can to avoid us and not be seen.  The only ones who might approach
are those (like occasionally on the PCT in S CA) who might ask for any water
we can spare.  4) The BP presence is thorough, night and day.  He chuckled
that even if we didn't check in with them, they would definitely know we
were there, implying that their electronic surveillance is pretty good.


It was a reassuring phone call.  


Dr Bob

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