[Cdt-l] Complete on-line topo maps for the Big Sky variant- Butte Super Cut off

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi Jack ,
Thanks for the comments. 

A central repositary of maps (and other info) would be nice I agree but I didn't detect much appetite when the topic of a wiki was raised a few weeks ago on this forum.

Jonathan Ley holds the CDT maps that everyone uses but the ones I produced are for quite a substantial different route for 350+ miles.  I could happily give them to Jonathan to add to his CD if he was up for it but that might mean giving him more work that he probably doesn't need. Remember we are all doing this in our own time and Jonathans annual update is probably pretty time consuming as it is.

As for the Mac, I confess I am an amatuer developer and don't have access to a Mac to test the site out. If you are looking at the route, I would just download the maps from the links on the page:

Big Sky hike southern section Brian's 20 maps (36MB)
Big Sky hike northern section Onion's 13 maps (52MB) 

good luck with the hike

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Thanks for the work on mapping the Butte Cutoff. I'll be looking in to using it! Some feedback: Your website loads poorly on my Mac using both Firefox and Safari. The text is overlayed and difficult to read. It'd be REALLY nice to have a central repository of maps. It's hard to keep track of where CDT info is and I fear that those who haven't read this post will not know about the existence of your maps.  


On Jan 4, 2010, at 1:02 PM, Brian Dickson wrote:

r Butte Super Cut off is a route that we hiked last year that travels from the CDT south of Yellowstone (at Two Ocean Pass) north to meet the CDT again north of Butte (at Delmoe Lake). It cuts out the Montana/Idaho border section of the CDT and travels through Yellowstone east and north boundaries, Gallatin Petrified Forest, Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Root mountains. It travels through some interesti

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