[Cdt-l] MSR Pro and Iodine

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Mon Mar 29 15:36:12 CDT 2010

Polar Pure is available on the internet, Ice Axe -- But make sure you try some before you settle on it as your chemical treatment. If you think chlorine tests bad, wait until you try iodine-based water treatments. I tried to use polar pure on the PCT in 2008 and the first time I had to use it I immediately regretted buying it. However, not everyone (but many) shares my intense distaste for iodine.

Here's a link to amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Polar-Pure-Water-Disinfectant/dp/B00068M3HY

I also just noticed this, randomly, while getting that link for you: 


On Mar 29, 2010, at 12:01 PM, Matthew Edwards wrote:

> Thanks for the info Dylan. I keep having this back and forth argument with myself regarding my filter. The MSR Pro is nearly a pound when it's packed away wet after use. Lot's of folks just used Aqua Mira on the PCT last year.
> I like the idea of Polar Pure being lighter, more concentrated and not chlorine based. Unfortunately they won't sell Polar Pure to us in the "Peoples Republic Of California" (PUN Intended). 
> I had to fight the urge to buy the entire stock of Polar Pure from a store in Washington last year!
> Anyhow, I am guessing you used a bandana as a prefilter and treated with Polar Pure and added Crystal Light etc.
> I sure like the simplicity and much lighter weight of that strategy.. Psst.. Anyone know where to get the "contraband" Polar Pure in CA?
> -Iceaxe
> PS. Oh Yea.. They don't let us buy sil-nylon tents in CA either. I feel so safe and protected here in Cali! ;)
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